Useless Against EP

by Useless Against

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The debut EP from Useless Against is 5 wailing metal/hard rock tracks that use that setting as a vehicle through which to excoriate political evil and mass cognitive dissonance while harnessing the catharsis of rock music to exorcise the angst and dread inherent in watching said evil ascend to power in the Trump-era.

At it’s sonic essence this is a guitar riff record, written in one quick, vitriolic burst with a focus on the riff as the hook, and recorded simultaneously in December-January 2017. This is not modern, bro-down, mall-core metal. This is guitar rock to blast from the tape deck of an old beater in a gas station parking lot or to stand in front of your stereo and play guitar to. It FEELS like cassette tape music. It is a reconnection and communion with the golden era of 70’s and 80’s early metal such as Dio, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, and The Cult (there’s also a doomy metal cover of a Kate Bush song) with a punk/hardcore lyrical consciousness. “Rich Teens of Macedonia” literally primal screams the furious agony of watching opportunistic, disconnected, school kids a world away, unemotionally dupe the American Facebook generation into biting fake news click-bait that would ultimately break the election in favor of the worst of our cultural id. “A Deserving Foe (Watch Em March)” gives a finger to the sanctimonious liberal culture that unwittingly gave society away to the greatest of evils via masochistic in-fighting and self-righteous, hairsplitting. “Curse It! Burn it” demands backbone from politicians who seem ready to hand over the people’s lunch-money to the newly-in-power party who never gave them an inch. This is a political record for the Trump era in real-time that sounds like classic metal. So unless your Trump-voting uncle who also still turns Thin Lizzy up when it comes on the radio reads the lyrics, he’ll probably dig it too. Each purchased copy of the cassette will include a free digital copy, unlimited streaming (for those just too relentlessly millennial to indulge the hissy, warmth of palpable analog tape and limitless joy of physical button clicking), and a 1.25″ Ouroboros logo pin-back button. All funds received from this sale will go to funding and continuing the mission of The House Is On Fire to curate, create, aggregate, and disseminate art, opinion, information, and resources with the common purpose of resisting, attacking, and ultimately surviving and destroying the current state of anti-fact, anti-intellectualism that threatens our physical and cognitive environment, and thus human existence, in a way more palpable than any in our lifetime. It’s also good if you like rock music.


released March 30, 2017



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Track Name: Westworld
Did you bring me back to life
Did you give em your voice
Did you let em make up your mind
Did you let the con-man inside
Or sit by
Will you believe any word as long as it's just not mine
Did you bring me back online
Did the heartbeat stop or did they just set back the time
Do you sit awake in bed at night
Did you hide
Did you tell everyone that you never made up your mind
Did you choose the dark over light
Did you look the other way so you never had to deny
Did you exercise your right just to exercise
Did you convict a man before you read the motherfucker his rights
Did somebody try to tell you but they couldn't get through the rind
Did you feel the wind blow when you never took a step outside

"I don't care what they're saying cause I can't say no"
Track Name: Curse It! Burn It!
"Shut up!
Too bad
We're not trying to be good!"
You told em what they wanted to know
They promised now aren't letting you go
You handed em the gun in your face
They're gonna pull anyway so get the fuck off of your knees
This isn't the time to give em an inch
They're gonna grab it
And now you wanna get points for saying "Hey! We let you have it!'
You let em take over the world tonight
because the rules that they burned say you must
It's only polite! Pussies
Curse it! Burn it!
You're stopping at red lights while they're burning the road
Til we're goddamned
You're getting us all rolled. Jesus.
They only reach across the isle for one reason; to slap you in the face
"Put your head in the guillotine
Don't try to fight.
Be a team.
A civilized death"
Track Name: Rich Teens Of Macedonia
HIgh tide
The age of information
White light
illuminating your face
Outside an enterprising nation
sees a prize
and knows who's taking the bait
They'd like to make them some money
And here's the mother load
They have no horse to run in the race
It's like we're in a separate movie
and the bad guy got away
It's a fucking Macedonian surprise
There's no money in the truth so sell em lies
Choose the market by the one who's fucking dumb enough to buy
Click click
They give the angry people what they wanna hear
"That's right."
They know it cause it says it right here
Headlines that only serve to reinforce their narrative
Untied, untethered to regard beyond these ends
Track Name: Houdini
I wait at the table,
And hold hands with weeping strangers
Wait for you to join the group
The tambourine jingle-jangles
The medium roams and rambles
Not taken in, I break the circle
I want this man
To go away now
With a kiss
I'd pass the key
And feel your tongue
Teasing and receiving.
With your spit
Still on my lip
You hit the water
Him and I in the room
To prove you are with us too
He's using code that only you and I know
This is no trick of his
This is your magic
I'd catch the cues
Watching you
Hoping you'd do something wrong
Everybody thinks you'll never make it
But every time you escape
'Rosabel believe,
Not even eternity
Can hold Houdini!'
"Rosabel, believe!"
Through the glass
I'd watch you breathe
("Not even eternity")
Bound and drowned
And paler than you've ever been
("will hold Houdini!")
With your life
The only thing in my mind
We pull you from the water
Track Name: A Deserving Foe (Watch 'Em March)
You had a bone to pick
You had a hair to split
Because it bored you sick
Without a devil to fight, your friends seemed deserving foes
Now there's a boogie man

We think-pieced him in

You slept and let him win
And fascism isn't a microaggression
Watch em march
Still hot from the road right back
Lock step like they never bailed
Like "Hey boss I had your back!"
Because all they wanted was
The votes and the funds in tact
Their values are goods to be sold
To fundraise the SuperPAC
Now in a state of shock
How did it come to this?
Turns out your ad hoc, lame persistent refrain of "They're all the same" was off just a bit
Now watch em go!
The wind right behind their back
No one left to tell them no
No need now to check their facts
It seems like you wanted more
But then that was so abstract
A game that you chose to throw
Now means lives and years turned back
Now are they all just the same
Who sat with you
Who's to blame
You said a low tide won't sink us
Well let me tell you what will
When you don't bail
when the rains
of self righteous sanctimony have flooded your own ship
When service of progress
fails to service of lips
Weaponize your own intellect and you turn it on itself
And you couldn't build a paradise because you fired all the help
Did you feel
so above it?
as you drug us all to Hell?
Now you're gonna love it
This is real
"Hey don't blame me"
Good wasn't good enough
So evil it will be..